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MCC Pool

Facility Rentals

鶹 provides facilities rentals on both the college's 鶹es in Sidney and Greenville. The main 鶹 in Sidney including options for pool and gymnasium rentals, as well as options for Heritage Village.

For information, please contactRental Coordinator & Facilities Assistant Julie Stockwell at or call (989)328-1222.

Locations, Equipment and Services

Rental Policy and Procedure

MCC Facility Usage/RentalRequestIf you are interested in renting or using any MCC facilities, please complete and return the MCC Facility Usage/Rental Questionnaire (PDF) and return to Julie Stockwell.

ProcedureAll facility rental requests should be sent to or call Administrative Services Assistant Julie Stockwell at 989-328-1222.

Reservations must be obtained at least 2 weeks prior to the intended date of use.

LiabilityAll non-college groups shall agree in writing to indemnify and hold the college harmless for any loss, damage, liability, expense, claim or demand that may arise by use of college facilities. When in judgment of the college the applicant shall provide evidence of appropriate insurance from a recognized carrier.

Care of College Property

The signing to the application shall constitute an acknowledgment by the group or organization of acceptance of the the responsibility for any damage to the building or equipment resulting from such use, and for the enforcement of all college rules and regulations for the use of facilities. Supervision shall be provided by those to whom the accommodation is granted, including police, if necessary, to insure the protection of college property, the enforcement of these rules and regulations, and the confinement of people and activities to the area agreed to under the permit.

The group or organization receiving the permit for all use of the school facilities shall be responsible for all damage or loss of college property, including that belonging to students and employees, during the time the permit calls for.

Alcoholic beverages, drugs, and narcotics are not authorized on college property. In addition, the use of tobacco is prohibited on all property owned, leased or used by 鶹.

鶹 reserves the right to limit the noise level in any of our meeting/banquet rooms for any reason. The group leader is responsible for conducting the function in full compliance with MCC rules and applicable state and federal laws. The group leader will also assume full responsibility for the conduct of guests in attendance and for damage to any part of MCC premises or for theft of college property. MCC reserves the right to refuse any booking it considers inappropriate or inconsistent with the values, well-being, or reputation of the college. No items may be attached to walls, ceilings, or floors in any public space or function room.

Groups renting the facilities must have authorization to use equipment and/or supplies. Fees will be assessed according to college policies. If it is determined that equipment and/or supplies were used without authorization, fees will be doubled.

Rooms will be arranged according to facility agreements. Rooms can be rearranged if the renter returns the room to its original arrangement or the renter pays an additional fee.

Any questions regarding room rental procedures shall be directed to Riki Jensen, Director of Human Resources.

Julie Stockwell, Administrative Services Assistant